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Whats On

East Malvern Food & Wine Festival

What a great event for those who attended.

We will be back at Central Park Malvern in November 2023!

See you all there.

Melbourne Food & Wine Festival

A fantastic event held in Port Mebourne in February. Look out for us in 2024

Meet the Winemaker

Wine tasting event in the offices of Everrich Finance

Wine Appreciation Class

Sophos Software training event with partner Blue Connections and Petronio Wines.

Corporate Christmas

Snooze Nunawading tasting event pre-Christmas for all staff.

Dante’s Nebbiolo

It’s time to take out the 2021 Dante’s Nebbiolo from barrel.

A new wine for the Petronio lineup!

An alternative varietal in oz, home to Piemonte in Italy and thanks to Chrismont Wines for the fruit. Think green apple and pear flavours with bright acidity! 2022 Petronio Arneis ….dare something different. You won’t be disappointed.

Something very different?

Our 2022 Negroamaro 100% fermented via Carbonic Maceration.

What a mouthful hey! Basically this translates to; a French winemaking technique on an Italian Varietal. Well… why not!!  A fruit driven lighter body wine, which can be chilled down over summer. Enjoy on its own or with your favourite antipasto. Mmm one problem however …..only 50 dozen was made.

Battle of the Shiraz

Two recent new releases, Mmm… now which one to choose, Malakoff Vineyard Pyrenees Shiraz vs The Field Blend Whole Bunch Yarra Valley Shiraz. Why not both?

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